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Clutch & Timing Belt Repairs

At Ladyroyd Garage we offer a range of efficient and reliable clutch and timing belt repair services. As members of the Bosch Car Service network, all of our services come with reassurance that your vehicle will receive the highest standards of workmanship and quality replacement parts at an affordable price.

The timing belt is an essential part of the internal combustion engine that controls the timing of carís engine valves. Should the timing belt break, the potential damage and eventual costs can be huge. A broken timing belt can result in the engine being written off, resulting in a hugely expensive engine rebuilt.

To avoid expensive engine repairs, we recommend regular timing belt checks and replacement if any damage is found. Different vehicle manufacturers specify different intervals for timing belt replacement, usually between 40,000 to more 120,000 miles or five years Ė whichever is sooner. It is important to remember that if a damaged timing belt is not replaced, it could possibly break at any time resulting in costly engine damage.
Clutch repairs and replacement where necessary can be carried out quickly and efficiently by our team of highly skilled technicians. The clutch is another essential vehicle component; enabling you to connect and control the power of the engine through the gearbox, your carís clutch must work correctly any wear must be monitored to ensure your car runs smoothly and reliably.

Our team of technicians have all been trained in the latest technologies and our workshop has been equipped with the most up-to-date diagnostic equipment, enabling us to quickly pinpoint any faults in your car as quickly and accurately as possible. Should your timing belt need to be replaced or the clutch repaired or checked, as part of the Bosch Car Service network, we will ensure that replacement parts of the same quality as the originals are fitted.