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The contact we have with our customers is more than just a transaction it is a relationship we seek to maintain through our honesty service & value for money.

We are a family run business and have been established for over 60 years. We are constantly updating & expanding our premises enabling us to grow our business even further, offering our specialist services to both existing and new customers.
As part of the Bosch Car Service (BCS) network, Ladyroyd Garage works to the TSI approved Code of Practice. Bosch Car Service is the first organisation in the motor vehicle mechanical repair and service sector to successfully secure approval for its customer TSI approved Code of Practice. This scheme aims to promote and safeguard consumer interests, so now anyone using a BCS garage can be sure of the best possible service and customer care at a fair price. So join those already in the know and become a regular satisfied Ladyroyd customer. Your satisfaction will be guaranteed. Should you be unlucky enough to breakdown, we offer a 24 hour recovery facility. The new app game Bosch Car Service Racing ...brings all the fun of slot car racing - just with an added Bosch Car Service twist.†Watch the video, then check out for more information!

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Car Repair Laisterdyke

We here at Ladyroyd were established more than 60 years ago. For the last six years we have been involved with our own workshop that offers our services to both existing and new customers. This has allowed us to expand our business to reach even farther. Our experience and love of automotives means that Ladyroyd Garage can offer some of the best car repair in Laisterdyke.

A car is often a personís biggest investment possibly the second biggest if you are counting something like a house. Many people keep their cars for years to get the most they can out of it. For this reason many people are left with warranties that have been expired for a long time. Whether an accident or regular wear takes its toll on a car; the owner is stuck with expensive repair bills.

Proper servicing carried out on a regular basis can keep your car running smoothly for longer, but eventually parts will wear out and need to be replaced. Some jobs are simple, and while there are car owners who enjoy carrying out their own repairs, most people prefer to turn to a trusted mechanic to carry out all of their car repair needs.

Ladyroyd Garage – Car Repair Laisterdyke

When you have an unexpected repair it can put you under finical stress you donít need. Because of this you want to be sure that you are getting the appropriate repair done at a good price. Many people donít know how cars work and are worried about being charged for pricey repairs that arenít needed.

This is why a trusted mechanic is so important for any car owner. Fortunately, Ladyroyd Garage is part of the Good Garage Scheme. We perform all services and repairs to a strict standard and always focus on serving the customerís best interests. Thatís why Ladyroyd Garage can offer the best car repair Laisterdyke has to offer.

When your car is brought to us here at Ladyroyd you may want to keep your phone with you. This is because we will be contacting you to make sure that we are doing the correct job. Once you are ready to pick your car up you are allowed to inspect every part that has been fixed or replaced. WE also present you with a completed service checklist and feedback leaflet. Any complaint you have will be dealt with in two weeks of us receiving the complaint.

If you need to have your car repaired as the result of an accident, you can be sure that Ladyroyd Garage will provide a complete repair service, from the inner workings to the outer paint job. Our body shop features a Car-O-Liner jig repair system, which helps to straighten the damaged chassis of vehicles both large and small. We also have a low-bake spray booth to provide you with a professional finished paint job for your car, making it look like new.

It is important to remember that not every repair job is because of an accident. Sometimes normal wear and tear can be the reason your car needs to be fixed. Remember to always take your car in for regular maintenance. Doing things like ignoring your check engine light can lead to a large amount of damage and expensive repair bills. One thing you wonít have to worry about at Ladyroyd Garage is low-quality parts. Every part replaced in your car is replaced with the same quality part. This is another reason why we here at Ladyroyd have some of the best car repair service in Laisterdyke.

At Ladyroyd Garage we offer some of the most reliable car repair in Laisterdyke. If you need something as simple as a filter replacement or as intense as a new engine, you can rest assured that we will give you quality parts and work at a good price.